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Work With Schools

As a trained and experienced English, History, Politics and ESL teacher, a passion of mine is bringing the power of biography to learners in education settings.
I am planning to further develop this area of my work so look forward to branching out into more schools and education environments.


This unit has been operating at the school for eight years. I have been involved in it for seven.

Nick Dawe – Head of Cain House, Teacher of English, Wadhurst, Melbourne Grammar School:

"The unit works well for many reasons, but we recognise the pivotal role that Simon plays. He has many strengths both personally and professionally. He is friendly and engaging, and relates with all age groups effortlessly. Not surprising given his varied professional past, but he treats students with warmth and respect. His lectures and lessons are prepared meticulously and always delivered in the most professional manner. He is fastidious in how he prepares and presents himself for each of his visits, and has certain expectations in what he expects from us at the school, as he should.
For any individual considering employing Simon for individual interview and biography, or for any school who are initiating a program similar to ours, I couldn’t be more categorical in saying that Simon Dalton is absolutely brilliant."

Simon Dalton