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Client: Chris Dimstas.

"Simon, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you’ve done in creating “Natalie’s Love”.

From our very first meeting, you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Your passion and enthusiasm for this book feels like it has been just as strong as mine. Your professionalism has been second to none, from our original meeting through to keeping me constantly up to date on your works progress and having proofs available by the times that you set.

One of the biggest things that I also want to thank you for is the way you conducted the interviews. As you were aware it was always going to be a sensitive issue talking about Natalie with her family and close friends. But during the whole experience you were so thoughtful and compassionate. Everyone that gave me feed back after the interviews commented on how comfortable they felt about sharing their experiences with you. Your flexibility as well during the whole experience is very much appreciated, you always came to me and worked around my lifestyle from catching up on evenings or weekends nothing was ever an issue.

Once again I can’t thank you enough. When this all started I knew that I wanted a detailed book on Nat’s life but you have exceeded all my expectations. It still feels surreal having this book in my hand. Jai unfortunately will not remember his mother but this book is going to give him the best insight to what type of person she was because of your amazing work. I am already talking to family members about getting you to write my grandparents story on how they came out from Greece.

I look forward to working with you again Simon, you are an absolute gentleman. I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Thank you, Chris Dimstas"

Simon Dalton

Client: Gary Sibson

"Simon has worked closely with me as a ghost writer on my book which has been a lifelong desire of mine to fulfil.
At all times I have found Simon to be dependable, conscientious, honest and courteous. Simon has excellent communication skills and his enthusiasm and creativity are well beyond expectation. Simon works independently and is happy to be flexible when required.
Simon would be a tremendous asset to anyone requiring his services as a writer and has my highest recommendation."

Simon Dalton

Client: Patrick & Bev Motteram (son and daughter-in-law)

"Having recently received and read through the final copy of Bob Motteram: The complete story, we would like to thank you so very much for your efforts in producing what is certain to become a family heirloom to be passed on through future generations of Bob’s family.
Most importantly Simon, we have been grateful for your personable manner and understanding approach to collecting the many episodes that make up Bob’s story. We greatly appreciate your sensitivity to Bob’s declining health and difficult family circumstances during the interviews and follow up discussions.
The beautiful bound Life Story is a pleasure to read. Your skill in collecting and retelling Bob’s story has enabled you to accurately capture the many and varied aspects of Bob’s life and personality. The whole experience has been rewarding and therapeutic for Bob, and definitely worthwhile. Our expectations have been exceeded at every stage of the process and we sincerely thank you for all your efforts."

From Bob’s wife Janice,

"As a retired school teacher I realize the many hours this book has taken and admire Simon’s consistent dedication to the task and the constant contact to keep us well informed on progress updates and clarification of information by letter and phone.
Remember, ‘He who hesitates is lost’ – don’t think about it – do it- before it is too late. Leave your family a wonderful precious legacy for many generations to come – we have."

Simon Dalton

Client: Maria Simonelli (daughter)

"I always regretted not recording formally my dad’s stories and life back in Italy before I was born. Then when he passed away all that knowledge and history and context did too. I was not going to have the same thing happen to mum. Being a child of migrants and not having a relationship with grandparents or aunts etc, because they either passed away or were back in Italy, meant I felt like we started our family from day one in Australia. No concrete history with loads of stories - just us. So getting a sense of life before Australia, 1949, means much more to me now. I want to know where I came from and understand why.
Most remarkable of all was that a reluctant mother who was shy and embarrassed about her story before the process started, wanted more of her story told when the taping had finished. She’s now talking about part 2!"

Simon Dalton

Client: Jude Murphy (daughter)

" I started listening to the first CD on the way home in the car. I felt quite transported by hearing dad’s voice. His early memories are so vivid – and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him tell the story about Cherry the cow and his brother Albert before, so it was really quite exciting; like unpacking a treasure trove and not knowing what I’ll find next. I just wanted to write and tell you that. It already seems like more than worth the money. It’s a great thing that you do; I think it has enormous power."

Simon Dalton